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Rooms. There are 28 private rooms and 21 double rooms in the building.

Room rates. Rates are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors, with rates determined by the annual cost report. Adjustments are made based on employee compensation, building improvements, maintenance and maintaining the fiscal integrity of Shady Rest Care Center. 

Medicare reimbursement. Shady Rest Manor Care has qualified as a Skilled Nursing Facility and, as such, is a nursing home certified to participate in, and be reimbursed by, Medicare. We accept Medicare and Medicaid and will assist in filing for long-term care insurance as well as filing for Veterans benefits.


Dining. Two dining areas are available to residents. The main dining room schedule:

Breakfast. We offer open breakfast (buffet style) daily – from 7 to 9 am – allowing the residents to "sleep in" if they so choose.

Lunch. The mid-day meal is served family style at Noon. 

Dinner is served at 5:15 pm.

There is a separate dining room for those residents who need assistance eating. (Serving times can vary.)

Guest meals are available at a reasonable charge. Please contact the dietary department to make a reservation.


Community area. A large living area connected to the main dining room includes comfortable seating, a television, an aviary, and a worship area for a weekly Mass.


Apollo_bath_cropped.jpgWhirlpool. A new addition to our facility in 2010, the Apollo Advantage™ seated bathing system (shown in photo at right) provides an unparalleled bathing experience for our residents. Relaxing. Soothing. Skin-softening. Skin-moisturizing.


Salon. An on-site salon is open daily (Monday – Friday) from 7 to 11:30 am. Our beautician sets appointments for hair sets, cuts, and perms. Questions? Please call 563.852.3277 during salon hours. [There is a separate charge for this service, for which the resident is responsible.]

In addition, a barber comes to the facility approximately every five weeks. Arrangements for this service are made through the social worker.

[Family members and alternative beauticians or barbers may also be used as the resident or family chooses.]









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