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The activity program is essential to provide total health care for our residents and is designed to meet the following resident needs:

Empowerment. Empowerment activities are those activities that promote increased self-esteem and self-respect by giving the resident opportunities for self-expression.

Maintenance. Maintenance activities promote the physical, cognitive and emotional health of the resident.

Support. Supportive activities provide stimulation or solace to residents who cannot generally benefit from the empowerment and maintenance activities.

Each day’s schedule, taken from the monthly calendar, is posted on the daily activity boards located in the main dining area (on the north wall) and in the northwest wing (across from nurse's station #2).


Types of Activities. Two large-group activities are offered every day Monday through Friday, with small group activities offered throughout the week. Individualized activities are also provided, as needed, throughout the day. Activities are subject to change.  Evening and weekend activities are also scheduled.  

Specialized activities are available seven days a week in the Dr. Wm. J. Mehrl C.C.D.I. Unit. A flexible daily schedule allows residents to engage in activities that are socially, physically, musically and spiritually stimulating.


Annual Activities.

Monthly Birthday Celebrations. Residents get together the month before their birthdays to plan a special birthday dinner prepared by the Shady Rest kitchen staff. Local entertainment from the community also helps us celebrate.

Family Dinner. Each resident may invite a guest (for example, a spouse) for this special family meal, provided by Shady Rest. Because of special seating arrangements and limited space, reservations are needed. “Invitations” are sent to one member of the resident's family, usually sometime in February.

National Nursing Home Week. Beginning on Mothers’ Day (in May), this annual event is a community outreach program designed to introduce the public to long-term care and the services available. Each year a special theme is selected and many different activities are planned throughout the week. We encourage the community to visit our facility and participate in the special activities.

Family Potluck Picnic. Traditionally held in June, all family members are invited to join their resident for the noon meal. Shady Rest provides the meat and beverages; family members are asked to bring a dish to pass. We also ask that you bring tables and chairs, if you have them. Space will be provided in both dining areas, plus there will be a tent outside.

Christmas Party. Sponsored by the Shady Rest Auxiliary, all family members are invited to this special event. Cookies and punch are served. A gift is purchased by the Shady Rest Auxiliary for each resident and given to them by Santa.


The Living Design Aviary. A very special attraction at Shady Rest is this aviary. Residents and their families enjoy watching the many different species of birds in this aviary setting.


Resident Council. Consisting of Shady Rest residents, its members work together toward common goals and focus on the best interests of all residents. Part social, the meeting also provide an opportunity for residents to ask questions or voice their concerns … helping to make life in their home more like they want it to be … being active and taking responsibility for the quality of everyday life … working together like a family. Led by the Activity Coordinator, these large-group meetings are informal but also have regular structure and accountability:

An agenda is available a few days prior to the meeting.
Minutes from the previous meeting are read for approval.
The meeting is conducted according to the agenda.

Questions and concerns are taken from the floor, discussed, and then taken to department head meeting for the appropriate department head.

A response will be noted at the next meeting, or sooner (individually) when deemed necessary.

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