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Recreational. Our activity program is an essential component of our total health care program for Shady Rest residents. Activities are designed to meet the following resident needs:

Empowerment. Activities that promote increased self-esteem and self-respect by giving the resident opportunities for self-expression.

Maintenance. Activities that promote the physical, cognitive and emotional health of the resident. 

Supportive. Activities that provide stimulation or solace to residents who cannot generally benefit from the empowerment and maintenance activities.

A current online schedule of specialized activities may be found in the News section of this website [click here] or by checking the current edition of our monthly newsletter, The Chatterbox.


Dietary. Shady Rest takes great pride in our dietary service. [A state-of-the-art commercial kitchen was built in 2009.] While the physician orders the diet and a registered dietician plans the menus (with special attention given to various diets), there is also much flexibility in filling special requests, giving preference to likes and dislikes. Snacks are routinely offered in the afternoon and evening as well as between meals per resident request or by dietician recommendation. 

Main dining room schedule:

Breakfast (buffet style). We offer open breakfast daily – from 7 to 9 am – allowing the residents to "sleep in" if they so choose.

Lunch. The mid-day meal is served family style at Noon. 

Dinner is served at 5:15 pm.

There is a separate dining room for those residents who need assistance eating. (Serving times can vary.)

Guest meals are available at a reasonable charge. Please contact the dietary department to make a reservation.


Environmental. Housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services are provided to residents. 

Housekeeping. Housekeeping staff clean residents’ rooms on a daily basis.

Rooms. Families are encouraged to assist in making their family member’s room as homelike as possible with bedspreads, personal items, flowers, plants, and furniture, as space permits. Housekeeping will gladly tend to watering flowers and plants. However breakable and valuable items are not suggested.

Laundry. Because resident clothing is laundered Monday through Friday, residents should have enough clothing to last through the weekend. Oftentimes, residents can run out of items such as underwear and socks. Wash-and-wear clothing is recommended. Clothing that needs cold water wash, hand-wash, wool, rayon is not recommended. We do no ironing. Families may also take clothing home to launder, if desired.

Clothing. It is helpful to have clothing and personal items labeled with a marking pen upon admission. [Iron-on labels will be applied to the clothing should the resident’s stay be long-term. The normal charge for name tags will be applied to your bill. All new or extra clothing brought in the facility should be given to the laundry staff for marking.] To maximize available closet space wire hangers are preferred.  Families are also encouraged to take home out-of-season clothing and decorations. 


Hospitalization. In the event hospitalization is required, Mercy Medical Center-Dubuque is located a short 30-minute drive from our facility.


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