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Types of Care.


Because of our facility size, small-town location and staff commitment, we offer a level of person-centered care that people have told us is unmatched. We truly enjoy developing relationships with individual patients, treating them like family. Because we’re so personally connected, we become familiar with their individual needs and are able to identify gradual changes and specific patient needs. This approach to our residents often means a higher level of contentment during this season of their lives. Residents themselves as well as their family members have consistently thanked us for the compassionate care we provide. [To read some of their comments, click here.]


Medical. Cascade Family Health Center provides regular on-site visits that meet state regulations. Dr. Frederick Isaak, MD, and Sherry Kelchen, Nurse Practitioner, give our residents remarkable service weekly.

Dr. Philip First, Mercy Care, MD, Monticello makes regular rounds here as well. 

Personal physician choice is also an option, with family responsible for transferring the resident to out-of-town physicians. [Exceptions can be made if the resident can’t be transferred by car. If necessary, Shady Rest Care Center has a handicap-equipped van and arrangements can be made for this purpose.]


Nursing. Twenty-four hour nursing care is provided by Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nurse Aides. Our professional nurses supervise a staff of Certified Nursing Assistants who have received state-approved training and competency testing.  


Restorative. Restorative nursing is based on utilizing the existing skills of each resident to return them to and/or maintain their highest practical level of functioning. For some residents, that can mean ...

...discharge to home with home health and a caregiver,
...going to a lower level of care, or
...returning to independent function.

Restorative programs offered are: Restorative Dining, Range of Motion, Ambulation, Strengthening, Swallowing and Communication.

Rehabilitation Assistants provide services under the supervision of a Nurse Coordinator with direction from licensed Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists. Restorative Nursing is offered seven days a week.


Therapy. Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy is provided through contract with Blue Stone Therapy Solutions based through out Iowa. Qualified and experienced staff provides these services – up to five days a week – when ordered by the physician.

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